– was established in 2015 to provide Indian & MNCs an entrée to the Indian market, using an innovative approach and a set of services required in order to achieve successful results. We are a ‘one stop organisation’ with a large variety of services in the following categories: Financial, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Event Management and Project management.

Our mission is to help innovative startup companies get funded by investors who can offer capital and mentoring, ensuring a mutually beneficial venture.

Over the years, we have built a broad network of trusted investors and allies that work with to promote the startups’ interests in India.

A Motivational & Business Development Team: is a team of highly educated and experienced management professionals of India. We work as a Motivational and Business Development Consultant. We aim to help companies acquire new customers and grow their business through partnerships, enabling them to penetrate their target markets, and maximize the value of their products or services.
As business development consultant, we know that business development opportunities come in many forms and must be designed specifically for each company, service, and product. We work with the clients and get the best options for your company, building relationships based on co-branding, white-labeling, product development, advertising, licensing, revenue sharing, or any other type. team makes things happen. We work with our clients and share our ideas, learn about their goals, and make sure that their company is involved and comfortable with every developed opportunity. We start making calls and we work on Business Development Plan for their company right from the day we are assigned to work with your company, which includes:
Identify Opportunities – We work with your company to identify prospects that can maximize the value of your products and/or services. We then prioritize the prospects to be targeted, and we make the right plan. All of this is done with agreed-upon goals so that our strategy and your expectations are aligned.
Set an approach – Through our strong and personal relationships in many market verticals, we have immediate access to the right people in many companies. We listen to the potential partner, we analyze his needs, and we design your offer and value proposition to fit the partner’s situation, keeping your goals in focus.
Structure a deal We have the skill and experience to structure deals for your products and/or services with any type of strategic partner, of any size and form. We present your products and/or services in a way that optimizes the value of your proposition, and creates strong demand by the potential partner in place, ensuring that deals closed benefit both parties.
Negotiate terms – Although we are proficient and experienced at partnership negotiations, term sheets, and managing the process of getting the best deal done, we keep your company involved in the process and we consult with you on every issue while negotiating the partnership terms.
Optimize value We know very well that managing the new partnership is more important than securing the deal. Our team will support the partnership by implementing and optimizing the partnerships to achieve a positive impact on your business, which is the goal of every partnership deal.
With our extensive experience we get new prospects and generate new markets for you and your products. We are connected to high-level executives in many companies throughout many verticals. We know very well how decision-makers think, what they need to see to be convinced and motivations, and we use this knowledge to position your company’s products and services in the most compelling way.
Our performance is measureable as we produce results through meetings, presentations, proposals, and collaborate with your company through bi-weekly reports, and a weekly short conference call regarding new opportunities and new ideas.

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